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There are plenty of reasons not to go to gym.
Find any excuse to go.

My Story

It took 3 years of studying and 2 job interviews before I truly started learning about the fitness industry; a scary place full of myths, risks, gorgeous people and people so muscly they could break me in two with their legs.
So far it's great!


I've really enjoyed being able to help people get the most out of gym. Not everyone needs to get shredded for Stereosonic, but I do believe most people should go to gym because, quite simply, there is so much to gain. Can you really miss out on being happier, healthier and stronger? With the right approach gym can be fun, simple and incredibly beneficial.


When I think about the things they should have taught us in highschool (taxes, raising children etc.) I believe how to exercise should be right up there. There are so many simple tricks and principles to follow which can reduce the risk of injury, improve results and increase adherence thus creating a happier and healthier population.

Over time I've found myself giving the same answers over and over, so this website is a personal haven where I can refine my response in order to educate the masses. Here, I will be posting all my insights, tips, thoughts, exercises and, let's be honest here, most likely some memes.

So check out the blog below to begin the education or find me on instagram to see me lifting weights or posting pictures of my incredibly handsome pets

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