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There are plenty of reasons not to go to gym.
Find any excuse to go.

My Story

I spent 4 and a half years studying the effects of exercise on the human body, but it's only from working in gyms, hospitals and private clinics that I truly began learning how to apply this knowledge. Finding effective exercise interventions that have a rock-solid evidence base (AKA it won't go out of fashion in 10 years time like static stretching or flared pants) is the easy part of the challenge, applying that into busy 21st century lives is where the real beauty of my job lies.


I'm an exercise physiologist, that means I've been trained to assess and then prescribe exercise for individuals living with chronic conditions. In the past that's included: diabetes, heart failure, stroke, multiple sclerosis, depression, tendinopathies and many, many more. Before completing my Master's degree to get there, I also worked closely with a wide variety of clientele to maximise their health and fitness at a personal training gym for over 4 years.


It's an age old saying that if exercise was in pill form, every doctor would prescribe it. But just like if a doctor said, "take these pills to help your heart", you would want to know: "which pills do I take? How many should I take? How often should I take them? How will they affect me?" The same goes for exercise, it is important to get a detailed prescription so you know the type of exercise that will benefit you, the time you should spend, the intensity of the exercise, how often to do it and much more.

I've really enjoyed being able to help people get the most out of gym. Not everyone needs to get shredded for Stereosonic or bench press 1.5 times their body weight, but I do believe most people should go to the gym because, quite simply, there is so much to gain. Can you really afford to miss out on being happier, healthier and stronger? With the right approach gym can be fun, simple and incredibly beneficial.


When I think about all the life skills they never taught us in highschool (taxes, raising children etc.) I believe how to exercise should be right up there. There are so many simple tricks and principles to follow which can reduce the risk of injury, improve results and increase adherence thus creating a happier and healthier population. Unfortunately, there's a lot of people trying to sell you on their products in the name of health and fitness who are out to confuse and scare you. Consider this website a sanctuary from these hoodwinkers, designed to empower you with knowledge. I will never suggest a product I don't personally believe in.


Over time I've found myself giving the same answers over and over, so this website is a personal haven where I can refine my response in order to educate the masses. Here, I will be posting all my insights, tips, thoughts, exercises and, if you're (un)lucky, a few jokes.

So check out the blog below to begin the education or find me on instagram to see me lifting weights or posting pictures of my incredibly handsome pets

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