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Born Tough and doing what you love

Updated: Oct 6, 2021

I am super excited to announce that today will be my first sponsored post! I have a new shipment of Born Tough products coming through which I will review and post for you here once they arrive.

Here's what I've ordered:

Born Tough Momentum Men's 9" Shorts Black - M

Born Tough Men Momentum Track Suit Hoodie Grey/Black - L

You can check their website out here: or here:

[EDIT 6/10/21]

So it turns out they only ship to America and didn't realise I was Australian! They instead transferred me the monetary cost so I still benefit, yay! I figured I'd give my honest opinion based on looks anyway.

I like the idea of a website that rates clothing based on whether it is suited for sport or recreation, since it can be hard to tell just how thin/breathable some sport tops are without testing them. The clothing style is minimalist (a style I'm a big fan of, saying less says more) and the price isn't exorbitant given they have such a schmick website.

That being said, some of the minimalist styling doesn't quite come off (such as the bright orange singlet with a turtle neck...) and no matter how hard I looked on the website, I couldn't find any company statement on the sustainability of the clothing such as where they are made or where the materials are sourced from.

Their "about us" section is filled with talk about getting coffee and multiple "bios" of people they sponsor. The one random bio I happened to click on had spelt "hobbies" wrong and wrote byceps instead of biceps... I don't even know who runs it or where the money goes, but they have Afterpay up and running!

While their stylish, inexpensive clothing and tightly run business model will serve them well, it is clear that their focus is on making money and fluffing up their sponsored "ambassadors". If they ever expand to Australia it might be worth picking up a simple workout outfit, but they have to do more in terms of a company direction to gain a life-long fan out of me.

[end of edit]

And because I really don't want to spam your email your email address with an empty post, (thanks a bunch to all my subscribers and regular viewers!) I thought I'd include a couple thoughts about my journey that got me here.

I started this website for one purpose. That was to get across all the information I had learned in my studies, to the masses, in an easily digestible way. I want this website to be a bank of knowledge for everyday gym-goers, sunday joggers and everyone else so that they could experience the scientifically proven ways to benefit the most from exercise.

I know intimately the feelings associated with exercise: the runner's high, the social belonging, the confidence in body and mind, and not to mention all the health benefits. But when it goes wrong, you can get the opposite effect, which I know all too well: injury, frustration, social exclusion and a lack of self confidence.

Science isn't perfect, but it's the best method we have right now of discerning what works consistently, and what is just a bloke's tale. That's why combining sport and science seemed like the perfect passion for me to follow.

I want to combine what we know works in the science, with what people need to hear to get them doing that. That is why I started this website, and that is why, even though I spend countless hours each day in front of this computer studying for my masters in exercise physiology, I still find the time to write these blogs that I don't expect more than 5 people to view (2 of them being my parents!).

People don't buy what you do, they buy why you do it.

I want to keep following my passion, and this sponsor is an exciting opportunity to continue doing that. I'll hope you'll stay along for the ride!

I have more to say on inspiration, and I wanted to weave the passionate Tom Delonge into this story, but that will have to wait for another day.

Thanks a bunch to Born Tough apparel, looking forward to taking the products for a test drive!

Stay strong.

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1 Comment

Sep 25, 2021

Such an exciting development for your website Daniel, congrats!

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